ГДЗ по английскому языку за 8 класс Enjoy English. Ответы и переводы из учебника Биболетовой.

Биболетова - Student's book
Дрофа, 2017
We Belong to the Universe (Страницы с 6 по 53)
Section 1, What is the Weather Like?:
Section 2, Nice to Meet You, Dear Earth:
Section 3, Getting Ready for a Journey into Space!:
Section 4, Do We Need Space Exploration?:
Section 5, How the Earth Shows Its Power:
Section 6, How to Survive in Hard Situations:
Section 7, Amazing Natural Wonders Around You:
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The World Can't Do Without You (Страницы с 54 по 83)
Section 1, Any Problems? Any Solutions?:
Section 2, They Are Trying to Protect Our Planet:
Section 3, What's Wrong with the Earth?:
Section 4, Keeping the Earth Clean:
Section 5, Let's Save the Earth, Our Home:
Progress Check:
Mass Media: Pros and Cons (Страницы с 84 по 123)
Section 1, Let's Speak about Media:
Section 2, Are You Keen on Television?:
Section 3, Do the British Love Newspapers?:
Section 4, Why the Internet?:
Section 5, Providing News for People:
Section 6, The Amazing World of Books:
Section 7, He Said that...:
Section 8, Reading Books:
Progress Check:
What Does It Mean to Be Successful? (Страницы с 125 по 153)
Section 1, What Is Success?:
Section 2, Start with Your Family!:
Section 3, Help Stop Bullying:
Section 4, Why Are Festivals Important?:
Section 5, What Independence Means to You:
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